Samsung Biologics to make coronavirus antibody drug for US startup - (Nikkei Asian Review via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Samsung Biologics has reached an agreement to produce a potential coronavirus treatment on behalf of Vir Biotechnology, with output scaled up in 2021 pending clearance from health authorities, reported the Nikkei Asian Review.

  • Under the $362-million deal with Vir, Samsung Biologics will manufacture antibody treatments that have received preliminary approval from the FDA, with clinical trials set to begin within the year.

  • "Our expectation is that there will be a significant need around the world for antibody therapies," commented Vir CEO George Scangos.

  • "Accordingly, we are taking proactive steps to reserve large-scale manufacturing capacity to be ready to move quickly with any of our antibody candidates that prove to be clinically safe and effective," he added.

  • Samsung Biologics will shift to mass production at a facility in Incheon, South Korea, next year after the treatment is approved by health authorities in various countries.

  • Meanwhile, citing support by the Trump administration, a company official said "the high likelihood that Vir's treatment candidates will be approved for the coronavirus" led to the agreement.

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