South Korea to start talks on Covid-19 drug remdesivir purchases in August, Consumer - (The Business Times via NewsPoints Desk)

  • South Korea has started distributing stocks of COVID-19 treatment remdesivir that have been donated by Gilead Sciences and plans to begin talks to purchase more supplies in August, reported the Business Times.

  • Only patients severely ill with Covid-19 are eligible for remdesivir and South Korea currently has 33 such patients, the Korea Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said.

  • KCDC director Jeong Eun-kyeong noted that patients who developed symptoms in less than 10 days and were suffering from pneumonia and a shortage of oxygen would be considered eligible.

  • South Korea will consider whether remdesivir should be covered by national health insurance after the purchase negotiations in August, added Jeong.

  • Gilead recently priced remdesivir at $390 per vial in developed countries.

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