Trump May Use Defense Powers to Require Domestic Drug Production - (Bloomberg via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said that US President Donald Trump may use his executive powers to require pharmaceutical companies to make drugs domestically to counter the country's dependence on overseas manufacturing, Bloomberg reported.

  • We may "have to use our powers under the Defense Production Act or otherwise to fund and incentivise domestic manufacturing" for pharmaceuticals and personal protective equipment, Azar added.

  • Chief of staff Mark Meadows said recently that the administration is preparing a series of executive orders, including one on lowering prescription drug prices.

  • However, Azar noted that Trump is focused on getting drugmakers to stop charging the US higher prices than other countries are willing to pay, reducing prescription costs for seniors and opening the door to imported treatments.

  • "He's deeply committed to the concept that people should have the freedom to get their drugs imported from abroad if they can get them in a safe, effective way that reduces their cost," Azar said.

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