Health Experts to F.D.A.: Make Your Vaccine Deliberations Public - (The New York Times via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A letter signed by nearly 400 health experts asked the FDA to use its vaccine advisory panel when reviewing data on coronavirus trials, as reported The New York Times.

  • The coalition urged the regulator to conduct full safety and efficacy reviews of potential COVID-19 vaccines before making the products widely available to the public.

  • The group called on FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn to be forthcoming about the agency’s deliberations over whether to approve any new vaccine, in order to gain the public's trust.

  • "We must be able to witness a transparent and rigorous FDA approval process that is devoid of political considerations," the letter noted.

  • "Collaborations between scientists, the pharmaceutical industry and the federal government may bring us to a remarkable and historic achievement," the letter said, "but an effective vaccine will only be truly useful if a large proportion of the public is willing to take it."

  • In an effort to reassure the public, Hahn said recently that he would seek the advice of the regulator's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee.

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