Daewoong fights for continued availability of Jeuveau in US - (The Korea Herald via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Daewoong Pharmaceutical on Friday accused the US International Trade Commission's (USITC) decision to put a 10-year sales ban on its botulinum toxin product of "lacking evidence" and being "biased and distorted," as reported The Korea Herald.

  • The company has been enwrapped in legal battles in Korea and in the US against Medytox for nearly five years over an alleged theft of trade secrets by a former researcher of the latter's botulinum toxin strain.

  • Last month, news broke that the USITC's initial determination advised a 10-year sales ban on Daewoong's Jeuveau for posing a threat to the US domestic economy.

  • Daewoong claimed that the USITC's administrative law judge made an "unfair and biased decision that is distanced from the actual truth by standing only in favour of Allergan in the name of 'protecting the US industry.'"

  • Additionally, Daewoong claimed that for an accurate decision, the USITC must conduct a proper spore formation test that includes verification of any coidentity of Medytox's BTX strain and the gene analysis of Allergan's strain, both of which are denied by the partnering companies.

  • Allergan is the US partner of Medytox.


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