Mexico needs 200 million COVID-19 vaccine doses; shots could start in April - (London South East via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to a senior government official, Mexico will need up to 200 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, and the inoculation of its 120 million inhabitants could start as early as April if clinical trials and regulatory approvals for AstraZeneca go as planned, as reported in London South East.

  • In partnership with the governments of Mexico and Argentina, AstraZeneca initially plans to produce 150 million doses in early 2021 and eventually make at least 400 million doses for distribution throughout Latin America. 

  • AstraZeneca will be able to produce between 30 and 35 million vaccines per month, commented Martha Delgado, a Mexican deputy foreign minister, adding that the vaccine could require two doses to be effective.

  • "If we need 200 million, we're going to be vaccinating for a long time," Delgado added.

  • Mexico's government has also completed memorandums of understanding with Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson and Chinese companies CanSino Biologics and Walvax Biotechnology.

  • CanSino and Walvax are interested in producing a vaccine in Mexico for delivery to the Latin American market, the news source said.

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