EU pays 336 mln euros to secure AstraZeneca's potential COVID-19 vaccine - (London South East via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The European Commission has made a €336-million down-payment to AstraZeneca to secure at least 300 million doses of its investigational COVID-19 vaccine, as reported in London South East.

  • According to the news source, the deal covers development, liability and other costs faced by the company, which is developing the vaccine with Oxford University. 

  • The overall amount the EU will pay to acquire the doses has not been revealed, but under an earlier deal struck in June with AstraZeneca by Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, AstraZeneca agreed to sell 300 million doses for €750 million.

  • "We cannot indicate at this stage the specific pricing per dose. However, a significant part of the overall costs are funded by a contribution from the overall ESI funding for vaccines," a commission spokesman said, referring to the €336 million paid through the bloc's so-called emergency support instrument.

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