Pharma chiefs vow no 'cut corners' in vaccine race - (CTV News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Pharmaceutical executives insisted Thursday they would not try to introduce COVID-19 vaccines or treatments to market that did not meet rigorous safety and efficiency standards, as reported by CTV News.

  • Before taking such products to regulators, "we first meet our own standards for safety and efficacy, which are high," said Dave Ricks, CEO of Eli Lilly.

  • Meanwhile, Merck & Co. chief executive Kenneth Frazier remarked "we will not sacrifice safety under any set of circumstances."

  • The FDA has raised the possibility that a vaccine might be given emergency authorization before the end of trials.

  • The news source noted that the agency has faced allegations from the medical community, which it has denied, that it is bowing to political pressure from President Donald Trump.

  • "I understand also that they are skeptical... because there is so much politicization (of) the science right now," Pfizer CEO Bourla said, but "we will never ourselves submit for authorization or approval any vaccine before we feel it is safe and effective."

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