Physician Views: Are neurologists ready for Novartis' Kesimpta?

With Novartis' Kesimpta recently approved by the FDA as a new treatment for relapsing multiple sclerosis, we are snap-polling US neurologists to gauge their awareness of the agent and willingness to prescribe it in the near-term. Commercial expectations for the B-cell therapy – a potential competitor to Roche's Ocrevus – are high.


Q. Do you regularly treat multiple sclerosis patients with disease-modifying drugs?


Q. Are you aware of Kesimpta (ofatumumab), a new treatment for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis that was recently approved by the FDA?


Q. Do you currently plan on prescribing Kesimpta before the end of 2020?


Q. If you plan on prescribing Kesimpta, in what patients are you likely to use it most frequently?


Q. Kesimpta is a B-cell therapy like Ocrevus (ofatumumab), but is self-administered by subcutaneous injection every month. Ocrevus is administered in a healthcare facility setting by infusion every six months. Based solely on how these two therapies are administered, which one do you think will be more popular with patients?


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