Covid-19 vaccine trial participant had neurological symptoms, AstraZeneca CEO says - (CNBC via NewsPoints Desk)

  • AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot said that the study participant who triggered a global pause of the company's Phase III Covid-19 vaccine trials was a woman in the UK who experienced neurological symptoms consistent with transverse myelitis, reported CNBC.

  • Soriot noted that the woman's diagnosis has not yet been confirmed, but that she is improving and will likely be discharged from the hospital as early as Wednesday.

  • The CEO also said the clinical trial had already been halted once previously in July after a participant experienced neurological symptoms.

  • However, he said that after further examination, the participant in that case was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which was not considered related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • The new disclosures made by Soriot were heard by three investors participating on a private conference call with investors on Wednesday morning and were shared with STAT News.

  • One investor on the call said Soriot's comments were intended to reassure investors that the company was taking the possible vaccine safety event seriously. "A vaccine that nobody wants to take is not very useful," Soriot remarked.

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