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In a recent survey of 2,500 healthcare organizations, 74% have sped up their digital transformation as a result of the pandemic.¹

In this new era, life science organizations are striving to deepen their relationships with patients and dynamically generate insights on how they can optimize the patient experience and their health outcomes. 

Engagement and long term retention are foundational elements that healthcare has traditionally struggled with. Despite 90% of patients being interested in a technology based intervention to support their health journey, the 90 day user retention rate for digital health applications typically lands between 27-30%.² 

At the same time, patients are turning to peer networks to help guide their decisions with over 90%³ initiating searches online. How can life sciences meet patients where they are (mobile and social) to drive informed decision making in a regulatory and privacy compliant way?

When the engagement and utilization challenge is solved, life science organizations have the ability to fully leverage a new data set in the form of Real Time Real World Evidence (RTRWE). By having a comprehensive understanding of the contextual patient journey, informed decisions can be made on knowing when, how and where to effectively intervene. 

With new demands being placed on the life science sector to prove value at scale, new data sources that inform the patient journey on a daily cadence are required to complement conventional data sets that are more episodic in nature. The digital transformation and consumerization of healthcare services will continue to drive this forward and make the leap in engagement an even more important chasm to cross. 

How can life science organizations utilize technology to support their brand goals and close the gap on their patient’s desire to leverage technology to augment their health journey over the long term?  

Download the article and learn how life science organizations are augmenting the next generation of patient support programs. 

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