Philippines to prioritise coronavirus vaccine supply from Russia or China - (Fidelity via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The Philippine government said it plans to prioritise buying COVID-19 vaccines to be made available by Russia or China, as reported in Fidelity.

  • President Rodrigo Duterte said "we will give preference to Russia and China provided that their vaccine is as good as any other in the market," adding that any vaccine purchase by the Philippines will have to undergo bidding process.

  • The Philippine government has had talks with a number of potential vaccine suppliers, including Russia, China, and US drugmakers Pfizer and Moderna. It also planned to hold talks with Australian biotech CSL.

  • Duterte singled out China, which he said was unlike other countries seeking "reservation fee" or advance payment.

  • "The one good thing about China is you do not have to beg, you do not have to plead," he said, adding "one thing wrong about the western countries, it's all profit, profit, profit."

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