GlaxoSmithKline CEO optimistic COVID-19 vaccine widely available in 2021 - (London South East via NewsPoints Desk)

  • GlaxoSmithKline CEO Emma Walmsley said she is optimistic the industry will be able to make a vaccine against COVID-19 widely available in 2021, as reported in London South East.

  • "The challenge here is getting to the scale that is required," she remarked, but "I share the optimism that we will have solutions next year."

  • Walmsley stressed the industry's speed of developing an immunisation did not compromise safety because trials were not smaller than usual, while regulators and companies were taking steps in parallel that would previously have been done consecutively.

  • "We are condensing timelines that can take 10 years into two years, but people should feel very reassured that the way we do that is (due to) a completely different level of collaboration with regulators," Walmsley said.

  • The CEO added "we are putting our funds at risk, governments have put funds at risk so that we don’t restrict the scale, which is really important in a trial for vaccines."

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