Does Globe’s candidate vaccine (BANCOVID) meet the standards for human clinical trials? - (Dhaka Tribune via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Globe Biotech in Bangladesh has recently proposed a possible vaccine candidate(s) based on preclinical studies conducted in vitro and in mice, reported the Dhaka Tribune.

  • A group of scientists said they self-volunteered to evaluate Globe's vaccine candidate in an unbiased manner, asking whether the vaccine showed promising data to qualify for a Phase I clinical trial.

  • "According to the preprint, Globe did use only six mice…It is expected that a total of 100 mice should have been injected for BANCOVID, but Globe used only 30 mice. Therefore, Globe did not categorically follow the WHO guidelines and the data generated from animal experiments come into serious questions," they said.

  • "In addition…many vaccine developers including Moderna/NIH, BioNTech/Pfizer, [Johnson & Johnson] and Oxford/AstraZeneca have published their non-clinical studies in top-ranked journals to show the quality of their data, while Globe has not published their studies yet in any peer reviewed journal," they noted.

  • They concluded that "Globe cannot start human trials just from some basic in vitro and mice studies due to poor quality of the data."

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