India says may not need to vaccinate entire population to control COVID - (National Post via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Senior government officials in India are suggesting that the country may not need to vaccinate all of its 1.3 billion people against COVID-19 if it manages to inoculate a critical mass and break the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as reported in the National Post.

  • "The government has never spoken about vaccinating the entire country," stated Rajesh Bhushan, the top bureaucrat in India's federal health ministry.

  • Meanwhile, Balram Bhargava, director general of the state-run Indian Council Of Medical Research, said "if we are able to vaccinate a critical mass of people, and break that virus transmission, then we may not have to vaccinate the entire population."

  • In October, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said the government was preparing to reach every single citizen as soon as a vaccine was ready.

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