Canada could start vaccine plan in mid-December: PM - (Xinhua via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the country could roll out its COVID-19 vaccine plan as early as next week, with the arrival of the first shipment of Pfizer's candidate, reported Xinhua.

  • Health Canada is expected to approve the Pfizer's vaccine, which is partnered with BioNTech, this week.

  • Before 2020 ends, Canada will receive an initial batch of up to 249,000 doses, Trudeau said, adding "this will move us forward on our whole timeline of vaccine rollout."

  • "We will be able to begin on the most vulnerable populations and make sure that we have the logistical grounding foundation in place to be able to deliver right across the country over the first months of 2021," Trudeau said.

  • As the Pfizer vaccine must be kept at ultra-cold temperatures, to ensure vaccine safety, batches will be delivered to 14 urban centers across Canada, with systems for delivery and storage currently under test, the news source added.

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