Officials: Trump's promised $200 drug-discount cards won't happen - (Politico via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The White House will not be able initiate President Donald Trump's campaign promise to give older people in the US discount cards to use for medicine, as reported Politico.

  • "It would take days to get all the sign-offs we still need, plus the time to print the letters and make the cards," said one official involved in the process, adding that "we ran out of time."

  • Trump said last September that Medicare recipients would receive "incredible" $200 cards in the "coming weeks."

  • However, an internal memo showed that the health department's top lawyer warned that Trump's plan could violate the law by using taxpayer funds in such a way so close to Election Day and recommended that the Justice Department review the proposal.

  • Meanwhile, the Government Accountability Office agreed to review the programme's legality, and drug policy researchers criticised the idea, saying it was a poor use of Medicare funds and would do little to decrease Medicare recipients' medical costs.

  • Still, White House officials repeatedly insisted that the cards were still forthcoming, but health department officials said that the timeline was never realistic, given the number of unresolved issues.

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