Russia May Be First to Register CanSino Covid-19 Vaccine Outside of China - (Bloomberg via NewsPoints Desk)

  • CanSino Biologics's Russian partner expects local authorities to register the Chinese company’s COVID-19 vaccine soon, potentially marking the first approval for use of the inoculation outside of China, reported Bloomberg.

  • Nikolay Dodonov, head of Petrovax Pharm's medical department, said "all registration procedures have been completed, we expect to get the registration certificate in days."

  • Petrovax obtained permission for a local Phase III trial of the CanSino vaccine in August and applied to register it in November, according to Dodonov.

  • Petrovax completed injections of 500 volunteers in its local trial in November and has analyzed the results of 200 so far, he said, adding that among those assessed, 149 received the inoculation and had antibody levels four times higher than the minimum threshold for immunity.

  • Petrovax, which is also helping conduct CanSino's international trial in Russia, anticipates wrapping up its study by May.

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