Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine could be cleared for use in minors before March-state media - (Fidelity via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Chinese state media say that a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Sinopharm's China National Biotec Group (CNBG) is promising candidate for potential approval in China for use in children and adolescents before March, as reported in Fidelity.

  • CNBG chairman Yang Xiaoming remarked "based on clinical data we have obtained and regulatory procedures we are filing to National Medical Products Administration, [the vaccine use] could be expanded to these aged between three and 17 before March," although he did not elaborate on the data.

  • Children aged three to five, whose immune system is still developing, must be carefully and closely monitored during vaccination, Yang noted.

  • CNBG has two COVID-19 vaccines in Phase III trials, both of which have been authorised for emergency use and given to limited priority groups at high risk of infection. 

  • It was not immediately clear which CNBG vaccine Yang was referring to in his comments about clinical trials on children and teenagers.

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