Indonesia Approves China’s Sinovac Vaccine for Use on Elderly - (MSN via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Indonesia has approved Sinovac Biotech's COVID-19 vaccine for use in elderly people after receiving clinical trial results from China and Brazil at the end of January, as reported MSN on Sunday.

  • According to Penny Lukito, head of Indonesia’s food and drug regulator, the trials showed no reports of serious side effects on the use of the vaccine.

  • The first and second phase of trials of the vaccine in China that involved 400 elderly participants showed good results of increased amount of antibodies, she said on Sunday.

  • The Phase III trial in Brazil, which included 600 people aged 59 to 70, showed mild effects such as headaches, Lukito said.

  • "The death rate because of the COVID-19 virus is relatively high for the elderly, so we need to also give priority for the elderly to get vaccinated," she added.

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