China’s Covid-19 Vaccine Makers Struggle to Meet Demand - (The Wall Street Journal via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese vaccine makers are racing to meet the COVID-19 vaccine needs of China as well as a growing list of other countries, but there are signs that rollout is going slower than planned.

  • In China, authorities say they have distributed more vaccine doses than many other countries, but several Western nations are ahead per capita, and China hasn't started inoculating the elderly due to a lack of clinical trial data for that age group.

  • Meanwhile, Chinese vaccine makers have committed a significant portion of their planned output to other countries, signing contracts to deliver more than 500 million vaccine doses to Indonesia, Brazil, Chile and elsewhere, according to consulting firm Gavekal Dragonomics.

  • However, the news source said that in the Middle East and North Africa, countries that were depending on Chinese vaccines are experiencing delays as they try to inoculate their populations.

  • In a statement, China's Foreign Ministry says that despite huge domestic demand, the country is committed to sharing vaccines with dozens of other countries.

  • As for the shortage of Chinese vaccines felt by some countries, it pointed to a shortage of shots in all countries in need of inoculations, as well as a lack of vaccine aid from other countries, at a time when China is stepping up.

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