China mulls mixing vaccines to improve efficacy of jabs - (This is Money via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to Chinese media outlet The Paper, authorities in the country are considering mixing different COVID-19 vaccines to boost efficacy, as reported Sunday in This is Money.

  • The news source, citing Gao Fu, the head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said authorities need to "consider ways to solve the issue that efficacy rates of existing vaccines are not high."

  • China's approved vaccines include one from Sinovac, which has shown around 50% efficacy in preventing infection in a study in Brazil and 80% efficacy in preventing cases requiring medical intervention.

  • Meanwhile, those from Sinopharm have efficacy rates of 79.34% and 72.51%, respectively, while the overall efficacy for CanSino's stands at 65.28% after 28 days.

  • Gao suggested that one option to overcome the efficacy problem is to alternate the use of vaccine doses that use different technologies, including those based on mRNA, such as Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, that have efficacy rates of 94% to 95%.

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