FirstWord Perspectives: Pharma marketing in the age of COVID

In a new FirstWord Perspectives podcast series sponsored by PDQ Communications, From Conference Rooms to Zooms, How Marketing has Changed since 2020, leading experts discuss the impact of COVID-19. From managing client relationships, to diving headfirst into non personal planning, to changing HCP expectations, three industry veterans discuss what may lie ahead and how best to prepare.

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Here's a quick summary of what to expect:

EPISODE 1 | The Initial Marketing Impact

Experienced marketers explore how COVID-19 has impacted the pharma industry and what initial steps companies took as they were trying to navigate the new and evolving landscape.

Expert Excerpt:

When it became apparent that we were going to have to close the offices and begin working 100% remotely, the initial challenge for us was how to communicate that to our staff and our clients without creating any kind of fear or uncertainty. We had to make some quick adjustments to our media plan recommendations to help our clients accommodate for the fact that HCP offices were going to be in lockdown. Our market research team jumped into action quickly and conducted some rapid response surveys to the HCP marketplace, and as a result, our teams recommended several shifts to our clients' media plans.

- Nicole Woodland - De Van, Chief Organizational Effectiveness Officer - CMI Media Group and Compas

EPISODE 2 | Reshaping the Role of the Pharma Marketer

Industry experts discuss how, over the course of the pandemic, the expectations of HCPs have changed and as a result the role of the pharma marketer also continues to evolve.

Expert Excerpt:

I don't think that we're going to return to how normal was defined pre-COVID. I think that the role [of the pharma marketer] and what our HCPs expect and our patients expect, that it has evolved. The expectations are changing, and we have to evolve with this and really honor the change in expectation that is coming on the back end of this pandemic. We have to focus so much of our energy and time on really delivering personalized content and really understanding what our HCPs need and make sure that we're doing our best to deliver really the right content to the right person.

- Mary Andrews, Global Head of Channels and Operations – ViiV Healthcare

EPISODE 3 | Looking Ahead to a Post-COVID World

Non-personal promotion experts discuss the challenges the industry has faced during the pandemic and what key learnings have influenced the way pharma marketing will look going forward.

Expert Excerpt:

I think all the channels that we have embraced in the past and certainly over the past year will remain in effect. I think there are some new avenues that we are exploring as far as how we can better promote or connect to our healthcare professionals through telehealth platforms and how our sales representatives engage with healthcare professionals I think will continue to change. 

- Wesley van den Heuvel, Senior Director, Omnichannel Engagement – Novo Nordisk

Check out the full podcast series here.

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