U.S. lawmakers introduce eight antitrust bills aimed at drug prices - (Financial Post via NewsPoints Desk)

  • US lawmakers from both parties and both houses of Congress have introduced eight antitrust bills aimed at addressing the problem of high drug prices, including bills to stop brand name pharmaceutical companies from paying generic firms to stay off the market, as reported by the Financial Post.

  • In a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel on Thursday, lawmakers said that they had introduced bills aimed at stopping practices that companies use to fend off generic competition.

  • Two of the bills are aimed at stopping product-hopping, or making a minor change to a medication to win a new patent.

  • Others seek to ban pay-for-delay patent settlements, where brand name companies pay generics to delay entering the market, while another enables the Federal Trade Commission to ban sham citizen petitions, where firms petition the FDA about a generic company seeking approval for a rival drug with the goal of delaying its approval.

  • The last pair of bills are aimed at making it easier to bring biosimilars to market. 

  • Each of the bills has a Republican lawmaker and a Democrat as a sponsor of both the House and Senate versions.

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