Physician Views Preview – Tracking recent developments in Crohn's and UC

Our latest Physician Views poll is asking US gastroenterologists to assess new Phase III maintenance data for AbbVie's IL-23 inhibitor Skyrizi in Crohn's disease patients (more on that data here) and how they plan to use Bristol Myers Squibb's newly approved oral therapy Zeposia as a treatment for ulcerative colitis (more on the approval here).

Results from the poll will be published for FirstWord Word Pharma PLUS subscribers within the next few days. To be notified when they are available click here.

Specifically we are asking US gastroenterologists…

How compelling they find the Phase III maintenance data for Skyrizi in moderate-to-severe Crohn's disease patients

How they perceive these data compare to those for other biologic therapies

Whether they intend to use Zeposia over the next 12 months and if so, how aggressively?

To what extent caution towards Zeposia's side-effect profile could act as a barrier to adoption

How important it is to them to have a drug available to treat ulcerative colitis with a new mechanism of action

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