Physician Views Preview: Aduhelm launches under a cloud of controversy

Biogen’s recently approved Alzheimer’s disease treatment Aduhelm continues to attract scrutiny. The latest concerns an assessment by ICER which concludes that the drug provides no more benefit to patients than supportive care. Elsewhere, a number of high-profile US medical centres have said they will not administer the therapy.

Against this backdrop we will continue to poll and survey US neurologists to gauge opinion towards Aduhelm and how it is being prescribed.

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Our latest snap-poll – currently in field with results due later this week – is looking to ascertain how recent events (including a label change) and media coverage may impact the launch of Aduhelm in the US. Specifically we are asking US neurologists…

  • Whether they have prescribed Aduhelm or whether they intend to (and if so, when)
  • Whether media reporting around the approval will have any impact on their potential use of Aduhelm
  • Approximately what percentage of their Alzheimer’s disease patients are candidates for treatment with Aduhelm
  • What factors are most likely to prevent from prescribing Aduhelm either now or in the future
  • Whether they have already received any educational and/or promotional detailing about Aduhelm and if so, how they rated its quality

Results and analysis will be published later this week for FirstWord Pharma PLUS subscribers and can be purchased by non-FirstWord Pharma PLUS subscribers. To be notified when they become available, click here

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