Alnylam seeks to widen scope of siRNA delivery via PeptiDream deal

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and PeptiDream entered into a license and collaboration agreement to develop peptides for targeted delivery of siRNA therapeutics to a broader range of tissues outside the liver, the companies announced. Under the deal, Alnylam will make an undisclosed upfront payment to PeptiDream, with the latter eligible to receive milestones potentially totalling up to $2.2 billion, as well as low-to-mid single digit royalties on future sales.

The news comes on the heels of PeptiDream broadening an ongoing collaboration with Takeda worth up to $3.5 billion to expand the use of TfR1-binding peptide ligands for central nervous system targets linked to neurodegeneration.

As part of the latest tie-up, Alnylam will pick a set of receptors for PeptiDream's peptide discovery platform, with the latter selecting, optimising and synthesising peptides for each receptor. Alnylam will then generate peptide-siRNA conjugates and perform in vitro and in vivo studies to support final peptide selection. The companies said the partnership has the potential to produce multiple treatment opportunities by targeting disease-causing mRNA transcripts in various tissue types.

"Having solved delivery of RNAi therapeutics to the liver and made substantial preclinical progress on in vivo delivery to the CNS, eye and lung, we are now adding to our suite of delivery technologies that have the potential to enable efficient delivery of siRNA to even broader tissue types throughout the human body," remarked Kevin Fitzgerald, Alnylam's chief scientific officer. He said "we hope to identify robust ligand-receptor pairs for extrahepatic tissue delivery, similar to the GalNAc-ASGPR pair that we have pioneered for effective liver delivery."

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