Physician Views: Will Apellis' geographic atrophy data convince US ophthalmologists?

Last week, Apellis Pharmaceuticals reported mixed results from a pair of Phase III trials of intravitreal pegcetacoplan to treat geographic atrophy (GA).

In the Phase III OAKS study, the C3 inhibitor reduced the rate of GA lesion growth by a statistically significant 16% when given monthly and 22% when given every other month compared to sham injection after one year. In contrast, the improvements achieved in the monthly and bimonthly treatment groups were only 11% and 12% in the Phase III DERBY study.

Based on these data, Apellis plans to submit an FDA filing for pegcetacoplan to treat GA in the first half of 2022.

Our latest Physician Views snap-poll aims to gauge how ophthalmologists view the effectiveness of pegcetacoplan and to what degree it will be adopted if it gains FDA approval.

Specifically, we are asking US-based ophthalmologists the following questions…

  • Do you believe the available data support approval of the C3 inhibitor for geographic atrophy?
  • Do you intend to prescribe intravitreal pegcetacoplan if it is approved for geographic atrophy?
  • What additional data will you watch for from Apellis’ geographic atrophy trials?
  • How optimistic are you about the role complement inhibitors in general will play in the treatment of geographic atrophy?

Survey results and analysis will be published later this week for FirstWord Pharma PLUS subscribers and can be purchased by non-FirstWord Pharma PLUS subscribers. To be notified when they become available, click here.

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