Report: US judge refuses class action request for Neurontin cases

A judge in Missouri refused to allow two consumer cases alleging that Pfizer marketed its epilepsy drug Neurontin (gabapentin) for unapproved uses to be certified as a class action suit, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

The judge ruled that the cases were not suitable for class-action treatment as the potential class members had different types of claims. Judge Donald McCullin noted that "evidence in the record shows Neurontin is effective for treatment of many conditions,” adding that "the court cannot certify this putative class because it appears from the record that it would include more than a small number of uninjured individuals."

The drugmaker faces around 400 lawsuits claiming that the company marketed the drug for off-label uses. In March, a federal court ordered Pfizer to pay $142 million in damages to an insurer for violating an antiracketeering law in regards to Neurontin.

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