Rethinking Clinical Content

The everyday pressures on healthcare professionals (HCPs) to increase the quality of patient care and improve treatment outcomes are coupled with the struggle to stay up-to-date on medical information. From identifying credible content, to empowering patient education, we spoke with seven experts on best practices for implementing marketing strategies and servicing the content needs of HCPs in an increasingly digital world.

Episode 1:

The Increasing Expectations of HCPs

In addition to daily responsibilities, HCPs are faced with the time-consuming task to locate, access, and digest reliable clinical content. Here’s how pharma marketers and medical publishers could help them navigate this space.

Episode 2:

The Power of Personalization

Experts discuss the role of personalized content delivery for medical information. From offering a variety of formats to employing targeted optimization methods, here’s how publishers and pharmaceutical companies could work together to meet the individual needs of HCPs.

Episode 3:

The Value of Great Content

Understanding the evolving content needs and preferences of HCPs is key to maintaining an engaged audience. With an emphasis on improving outcomes through greater education of HCPs and patients, these experts explore what HCPs want when it comes to clinical content, and how they expect to receive it.

Episode 4:

The Evolution of HCP and Patient Education

With an increasing emphasis on equipping HCPs with the appropriate shared decision-making skills for patient communication, pharma brands are pivoting to engage and educate through a variety of methods.

Episode 5:

Beyond Pharma-HCP Engagement

Today, brands strive to engage a diverse set of stakeholders via digital platforms. To successfully reach an audience, marketers are looking beyond prescribing physicians, and including those involved in the entire spectrum of care, ranging from nurses and pathologists, to caregivers and societies.

Episode 6:

The Common Denominator: Credibility

Understanding the source of information is incredibly important in the pharma industry, as the ability to publish clinical content without being properly fact-checked or peer-reviewed is easier than ever before. Here’s how publishers like Elsevier can support the credible content needs of marketers.